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Frequently Asked Question FAQ

Who is Oversight?

We are US owned company, registered with a principle office is in the Brandon, Florida area. We specialize in security and risk consultancy. Oversight began in late 2009 in Bogota, Colombia, but has since relocated to our new US location. 


What is Chatter?

Proprietary web-based software, sold as a monthly subscription service. It helps security and risk specialists estimate, communicate and manage their security risks. [See Executive Summary Video on our front page.]


What are the Principal Benefits of Chatter?

Two fold. First, Chatter allows users to post, filter, communicate and archive security based information over-time. Your data is viewable in sophisticated GIS Google Enterprise map. You can even do operational planning in these maps, as we provide those basic drawing tools. Important to note – we believe our solution is a quantum leap ahead of what any competitor provides today. (See Video on A Different Proposal)

Second, now having a baseline of security data which you can easily “manage” – you can translate that “data” into usable security information for managers and executives in your organization.  Chatter provides the tools and the ISO methodology to help you express your security information in terms of “Threats” (actors – root causes), and “Risks”. A Virtual Crisis Management Room serves as a tool in the event that risks are not contained.


What Distinguishes Oversight as a Security Consulting Company?

Significant senior level private sector security management experiences! (See A Different Proposal). We clearly believe most solutions begin with the Assessment – to have a clear understanding of one’s security risks. This was the inspiration behind Chatter.

Then, resources, policies and procedures are applied at the right places and times, to maintain risks within levels acceptable to any organization. This is always done by understanding that “risks” never get mitigated to Zero; and resources, like budgets always have limits.

This approach ensures maximum efficiency, aligning budgets to objectives and risk levels.  


What is Our Data Privacy Policy?

See User Agreement) As stated in the user agreement, Chatter is largely a software tool, whereby clients enter their own data. Your data is always your data – you own it; you control it. It is private to users within your organization, unless you choose to share it.


Data in the Situational Awareness module can be shared, by users. Users choose if and when to share their data.


We do not phish for other data related to users. All admin and user set up data about users and their organizations remains private and will not be shared by us.


When and How Can Clients Share Data?

In the Situational Awareness module, clients can post security events in a “Public View”, or post it anonymously. Additionally, they can selectively share some data with trusted friends or colleagues – which increase the amount of security and threat information available to both users.

Not all data fields are “shared”. In our pre-formatted templates, some data fields always remain invisible to external users, even when the data is “shared”. We recognize that some information is generally deemed “sensitive” to authors, and we take steps to protect privacy, while maximizing the opportunity to share information between users from different companies.


How Do I Know If I Can Trust Security Data Shared By Others?

All information provided within Chatter is done so without making any guarantees or representations about the accuracy of the information. Additional, specifically in the User Agreement, we state that information provided in Chatter should not be the only basis of operational or security decisions made by any users. In other words, “let the buyer beware” or “you have to do your own due diligence”.

However, having said that, let me also state that Chatter provides two (2) powerful tools which assist users to discriminate between all the postings of security events. First. Chatter allows users to register differing opinions or comments over the posting by another person. Perhaps these additional comments offer differing analysis, or perhaps they just offer more factual information related to the same event. The objective of the tool is to improve the value of each and every data point within the system, over time.

Second, Chatter offers a “Peer Rating System”, from 1 to 5 Stars (highest), whereby users can rate the postings of other users, in terms of both the RELIABILITY of the peer, and the CREDIBILITY of the information being shared. Over time this allows users to be selective about what data shared by others they wish to consider.


How is Data on Chatter Secured?

On private servers in the US; behind firewalls; with normal data backup procedures. Servers have had historical uptimes showing 99.9% availability rates.


Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients will include multinational companies, NGOs, and in some cases some GOs. However, all clients and users will openly identify who they are; and no user will misrepresent their organizations identity.


What Are The Prices of the Chatter Subscription?

We are priced competitively with other global security subscription services – even though we believe we offer a superior product. For a copy of our price list, just email us, and tell us about you and your organization. (See Video in A Different Proposal)


Does Oversight Also Provide Consulting Services?

Absolutely. Our private sector experiences provides us with a competitive advantage in the consulting marketplace. We recommend you view our Video to the tab A Different Proposal, which discusses our unique approach to consulting. Get a CSO on a fractional basis - at a budget that fits for your organization. 


How Do Users Quickly Learn How To Use Chatter?

The software is pretty intuitive. Also, tutorial videos are provided in every module in Chatter, as well as in the User Set Up section. Special training can be arranged via webinars.


Will Chatter Include Risk Management Tools Beyond The Initial Security Risks?

Yes. We plan to expand the breadth of the risk management tools to cover other risks such as Community Relations, Environmental, Health, Safety, etc. Some of these types of risks definitely lend themselves to Chatter framework – and the ability to see your data in a Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) environment; as well as having a module dedicated to root cause analysis, before estimating the final risk.


Can Other Risk & Security Consultancies Use Chatter?

We recognize that most small to medium sized security and risk consultancies do not have access to robust software applications that have a global capability and the potential to help clients with the management of security risks. We will partner with reputable security and risk management businesses, which recognize the value of Chatter represents a new opportunity for hundreds of businesses – to have for the first time a sophisticated and powerful software suite to give YOU a competitive advantage in the opportunity where YOU can compete on a more-level playing field with any global risk or security consultancy.


Are We Looking for Sales Reps For Chatter?

We do have a resellers program for the Chatter service, which pays commissions. If interested, please contact us.


Will Chatter Include Other Security Management Tools?

Yes, we already have dozens of new applications and improvements on the “drawing board” which we plan to include in subsequent versions in next few months and coming year. The sequence of the rollout of new functions is driven in part by us, and in part from the input by our clients - those risk and security professionals. Don’t be shy about telling us how we can make Chatter more valuable for you!

Additionally, we are open to partnering with other people and groups with great ideas. If you have an idea or an application already designed which can add value to Chatter and our users – we would like to hear from you too!


Are There Opportunities To Invest In Chatter?

Oversight is sole-proprietorship, and Chatter thus far has been privately funded by the owner/founder. However, we are always open to discussions with sincere inquiries by Angel or Venture groups, or scenarios to JV partner with other, larger teams.


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