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Chatter - “Is an old term from signal intelligence, used more generally after the turn of the 21st century in the United States “war on terror”. Intelligence officials, not having better metrics, monitor the volume of communication, to or from suspected terrorist, to determine whether there is cause for alarm.  They refer to the electronic communication as chatter”.  {Wikipedia} 

Welcome to 
Chatter, our web-based software – designed specifically for security and risk professionals.  Over a year in development, Chatter represents a new vision for how security professionals can manage their security based information. 

Chatter provides the tools which give managers a centralized view of their security situation, providing Situational Awareness for every part of your international portfolio. It proactively informs decision-makers whenever situations change.

follows the ISO 31000 Risk Management methodology to help clients estimate security risks and communicate them locally to business unit managers, or connecting vertically to ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) corporate processes. Better information leads to better decision making.

Chatter to your organizations Security Management Framework provides for continuous threat and risk assessments. Allocating security resources to an improved understanding of your security risks can improve efficiencies and substantial savings within your organization. Use Chatter to know that your security spending is tied to specific security risks.

In short, 
Chatter is the most powerful tool set available – and adapts ISO 31000, the international standard for Risk Management for security professionals.

Click on the Video to learn more about how 
Chatter works. Or, contact us for a free trial.


Chatter Software Components


About Chatter

As the purpose of Chatter is to identify and estimate your security risks, the first step is to know something about the historical security situation in your area.

We provide a digital map allowing clients to post security events in your area.  We define “security events” not as activities directed against your company. But rather as “events” which have occurred in and around your area of operations.

Chatter also provides formats to report, catalogue, filter, retrieve, and analyze security events in your area. The system allows you establish automatic reporting thresholds to inform your superiors and colleagues with this essential information.

P2P & Social Networking - A key and unique feature of Chatter is the ability to selectively and discretely exchange information with colleagues of other companies, related to Threats of common interest.

A Distinct Difference - Our experience indicates that ninety percent (90%) of all valuable and relevant security information is generated at local levels, via local sources.  Chatter allows you to manage this key information. Competitors focus on selling you the 10% of security information that rise to the threshold of being reported by open source press – and in formats that are difficult to “consume”, share or utilize over time.

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