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About Us

Oversight is a pioneer in applying ISO 31000 Risk Management Standards in our security management and consultancy solutions. This is the framework which is now or soon will be used by every security professional, and now being incorporated by ASIS into their new Standards.

In 2011 we launched our Chatter web based software – a SaaS designed specifically for security and risk professionals. Our software is a “full generation” ahead of anything being offered by other security consultancies, worldwide! Try Chatter for free – and then tell us what you think!

"Businesses, public and private organizations and associations continue to experience dynamic and complex risk environments. The effective management of these environments is a fundamental requirement today and will continue into the future." - Chief Security Officer - An Organizational ModelASIS; Nov'13.

As consultants, our philosophy always begins with Know your security risks”. All of our solutions consider how we can help clients manage those risks at the lowest cost, or within YOUR budget constraints. Speak with us to find out the benefits of having former private sector security managers providing you with security management advice, or an outsourced security management solution. Get the expertise of a CSO, at a fraction of the cost!

Mike Faessler

Mike is a seasoned security professional who has been a security leader for various multinational companies during the last 10 years, including (2) companies in the extractive industries, and also a global aviation service provider.
He is a graduate from the U.S. Military Academy, and served 20 years in both infantry and intelligence assignments. After departing service, he worked several years working in operational roles in Plan Colombia as a defense contractor, and later as the Operations Manager for Control Risks Andean Ridge office in Bogota.
Mike's private sector experiences include 6 years leading security departments at multinationals raning in size from 1,000 to 65,000 employees operating in medium and higher risk environments. Whether standing up new security programs or reorganizing existing security teams - Mike's success focused on implementing "best practices" heavily based on managing security risks.
In 2010 Mike formed Oversight Risk Management & Risk Consulting, to apply his 25 years of combined private and governmental security sector experiences. In early 2011 Mike launched Chatter – a web based risk and security management software (SaaS), designed from his experiences in both the military and private sector. Chatter is the first software of its kind, and significantly helps clients align security practices, reduce cost, and improve security risk management.

Mike has lived overseas in for 15 years, and has significant international experience in Latin America and Africa. A thought leader on the subject of Security Risk Management, he has been a guest speaker at international risk and security conferences, authored articles in professional security journals, and been a contributing member of Colombia’s ISO committee (ICONTEC), engaged in writing the initial draft of Colombia's ISO 31000 and 31010 documents.

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Mark Morgan

Mark is an IT professional with 36 years of computer background, and 26 years of commercial experience in a variety of IT roles. He studied at Harvard before continuing his studies at University of California – Santa Cruz.

Mark began his career as a programmer working for Diversified Computing and later for Applied Information Services, where he was eventually promoted to Director of I.T.  He left Applied Information Services in 1998 and founded his own IT company, Silvertip Technologies, specializing in technology solutions for the travel industry. During this time Mark developed a fully distributed (cloud) Java based search engine which he was invited to present at CCGrid 2002 in Berlin, Germany.

From 2002 to present Mark worked as an IT consultant, first as a Systems Administrator/Senior Programmer for The Zaneray Group and later as President and Founder of Spinning Cogs Inc. While at Spinning Cogs, Mark worked as the system architect on several technology projects for clients such as Patagonia and Agron Inc.

Mark joined
 Oversight as Chief Information Officer in March, 2011.



PersonalSoft is a Colombian software development company. With more than 250 employees they are the largest supplier of Java programmers in the marketplace – and CMMI Level 3 rated. They have been our “partner” in the Chatter project for over a year.   


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